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Book Lists

In Scoil Bhríde we run a Book Rental Scheme, which allows us to give parents discounted prices on the cost of their child’s school books.

If however you decide not to pay the annual Book Rental membership and sign up to this cost saving scheme, listed below for each class is the school books you will need to purchase for your child for this school year.

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Approx. Average Book Rental Cost Analysis

The cost of books through the book rental scheme throughout a pupil’s 8 years in Scoil Bhríde Nurney compared to purchasing the books yourself at current prices over 8 years (based on prices in January 2020)

The following terms and conditions apply to the School Book Rental Annual

Membership Scheme which operates in Scoil Bhríde:

  • The scheme is operated by the book rental committee. This committee comprises of teachers, parents nominated by the Parents Association and the Principal representing the Board of Management

  • An annual rental charge will secure the rental of all relevant text books on the book rental list, as and when required during the school year.

  • The rental charge is set annually by the Book Rental Committee and parents/guardians are informed in the first week of June.

  • For this school year the charge is as follows: (1 child €60) (2 children €110) (3 or more children €150)

  • The book rental charge must be paid by 3pm of the third Friday in June each year.

  • Books are ordered before the summer holidays for those who have fully filled in the Book Rental Annual Membership Form and returned it to the school office with their full Book rental payment. Therefore your child will receive their school books the first day back at school after the summer holidays.

  • Late membership into the scheme may be accepted after the summer holidays once the bottom part of this form is fully filled in and returned to the school office with the full book rental fee. Only then will Book rental books be ordered for and issued to your child. Therefore your child will not receive their school books the first day back at school after the summer holidays, but will receive them within a timeframe depending on book supplier stock and courier delivery speeds (factors outside of Scoil Bhríde Nurney’s control)

  • PLEASE NOTE: ‘Book rental’ books will only be ordered for and issued to your child when you fully fill in the Book Rental Annual Membership form and return it to the school office with your full Book rental payment.

  • The books supplied under the scheme will remain at all times the property of the school. They will be subject to inspection at any time by a member of the teaching staff or the Book rental Committee.

  • If the books are written upon a fine will be imposed.

  • Full compensation for lost or badly damaged books will be required

  • If books are damaged or being lost on an ongoing basis, the pupils will not be allowed remain in the Book rental Scheme, and all the books will have to be returned.

  • All books must be returned to the school by the end of June each year.

  • Books supplied under the scheme maybe new or second hand at the discretion of the Book Rental Committee.

  • Purchase of school stationary and disposable materials will remain the responsibility of parents.

  • A school charge for photocopying, art and craft materials and test booklets will still apply.

  • The department of education book grant scheme will be used in conjunction with this scheme.

  • For families who apply for and qualify for the Book grant, the grant money will be set against the annual rental charge. The school will contact you as soon as the Book grant arrives.

One child (over 8 years)

  • To purchase: €807.21

  • Book rental: €480

  • Saving of: €327.21

Two children (over 8 years)

  • To purchase: €1,614.40

  • Book rental: €880

  • Saving of: €734.42

Three children or more (over 8 years)

  • To purchase: €2,421.63

  • Book rental: €1,200

  • Saving of: €1,221.63

Please click the links below for the Book Lists for the current School Year

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