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What is the Board of Management?

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The Board of Management is the management team set up to govern the school on behalf of the Patron for the benefit of the children in the school and their parents. The Board of Management is made up of nominees of the parents and teachers in the school, nominees of the patron and also community nominees who have a particular interest or expertise. The Board of Management provides leadership and ensures effective governance of the school, within an agreed school budget and a framework of accountability. All eight members of the Board once appointed act together as a unit and perform the functions of the Board collectively. Individuals do not act as representatives of various groups within the Board. Members of the Board, in their contributions to meetings are, however, informed by their experience and background, which may influence their point of view in any discussion. Nominees/Board members do not act in a representative capacity. To do so would potentially involve a conflict of interest and could subsequently undermine or negate a decision of the Board.


No criticism of an individual teacher shall take place at Board meetings without the proper complaints/grievance procedures being followed and without notice from the Principal to that teacher. An opportunity shall be afforded to the teacher, in line with the agreed complaints/grievance procedures, to be present and heard and/or be represented at the Board before the matter at issue is concluded.


The proper procedure for a member bringing an issue before the Board is that the matter should be notified in advance, in writing, to the secretary of the Board. A member who brings and issue to the Board thereby associates him/herself with that issue and should retire from that portion of the meeting which deals with that matter.

To read an easy-to-follow guide explaining the 'Role of Boards of Management in Primary Schools' please click here


Scoil Bhríde Board of Management/Governance 2023 - 2027

Patron's Nominee and Chairperson - Shay Nolan

Patron's Nominee - Fr. Adrian Carbery

Teacher Nominee and Principal - Dr. Vinny Thorpe

Teacher Nominee - Lorraine Ivers

Parent Nominee - Adora O'Neill

Parent Nominee - Gavin Burke

Community Nominee - Ingrid Dollard

Community Nominee - John Harrington

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