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Secondary School

When children complete 6th class in primary school they are required to transfer to Secondary School. It is the duty of parents/guardians to find a suitable second level school for their child. Most secondary schools complete registration in September / October of the year before the child transfers to secondary school. Therefore we recommend that parents make contact with a variety of secondary schools before their child completes 5th class.


Education Passports

As part of this process Scoil Bhríde is required to provide an “Education Passport” to your child’s secondary school once confirmation of enrollment is received. We then forward to your child’s secondary school the following "Education Passport" materials

  • 6th class school report

  • Standardised testing results

  • My Profile (which child completes and returns to Scoil Bhríde in early June)

  • My Child’s Profile (which parents may choose to complete and return to Scoil Bhríde in early June)

Secondary School Applications for 5th and 6th class pupils

We would advise all parents of pupils in both 5th and 6th class in September to begin getting organized and ready and learning what’s required to apply for secondary school places for their child in a variety of secondary school. Every year the population of County Kildare is changing and secondary school places can be affected. We would advise parents to apply for places in a number of different secondary schools in their locality. Scoil Bhríde Nurney cannot advise parents on secondary schools and has no input or influence in the admissions procedure of any secondary school.

Additional Information and Support

For additional information and support please click the following links:

  • Parents information guide to "Education Passport" materials

  • "Moving up - The Experiences of First-Year Students Post-Primary Education"

  • A list of all Post-Primary schools in County Kildare and their contact details

  • "Parent Support Guide - Supporting your Child's move from Primary to Post-Primary School"

  • A copy of the "My Profile" document

  • A copy of the "My Child's Profile" document

  • Moving from Primary to Post-Primary School - Guidelines for Parents of pupils with Special Educational Needs

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